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I'll Let You In On A Little-Known Secret


I remember a conversation I had with my cousin several years ago about the size of our feet and the issues we were having with choosing the right pair of sandals to compliment our feet. My dear cousin has also been blessed with long toes. She takes it all in stride. Occasionally, she wears a simple toe ring and a splash of color on her toenails. Being the conservative woman that I am, I'd probably pass on the toe ring and opt for the splash of color.

There is a purpose for this stroll down memory lane. When I was in the process of creating “Your Feet Make You Unique: Tips For Women Who Wear Size 10 and Up,” I remembered my cousin let me in on a little-known secret. At least I would have never thought of it. Most women carry this little “wonder fix” in their purses every single day.

If you’re familiar with the “The Hammer Toes,” then you’re familiar with their friends, “The Corns.” By using a dot or two of concealer on your unsightly corns, those little “spotlight grabbers” will magically disappear or at least hide behind the curtain. I definitely use this little trick when I choose to be brave and step out in pair of sandals.

This tip has worked wonders for me and I know other women will feel the same way. “Your Feet Make You Unique: Tips For Women Who Wear Size 10 and Up, is filled with practical tips and other useful information.

If you’re an Internet Retailer, keep your customers enamored with your site. Why not share practical, interesting, useful tips with your female customers who wear size 10 and up. Not only will she buy her shoes exclusively from you, but you’ll gain a loyal customer for life because you took time to give her a simple, practical gift that addresses and solves a few of her problems.

Call us today at 651-305-1940 or visit us at

We’ll help you connect with your customers and you'll gain a devoted group of women who love your shoes. Your site will be first and foremost in their minds because you gave them a little something extra to make their lives a little easier.

Now, you can’t stop her from telling her friends, family and acquaintances about your site.

Positive Word-Of-Mouth means Increased Sales For You!

Andrea Pace, Publisher & CEO of Clear Path Publishing is the author of Your Feet Make You Unique; Tips For Women Who Wear Size 10 and Up.

Famous Full-Footed Females

Did You Know?...

Roughly 37% of all shoe sales are attributed to women who have ample size feet. Just in case you were interested, here are few celebrities who wear size 10 and up.

  • Oprah Winfrey -- 10
  • Debra Winger -- 10
  • Serena Williams -- 10
  • Brooke Shields -- 10
  • Liv Tyler -- 10
  • Veronica Webb -- 10
  • Marion Jones -- 10
  • Terri Hatcher -- 10
  • Daisy Fuentes -- 10
  • Katie Holmes -- 10
  • Uma Thurman -- 11
  • Venus Williams --11
  • Jerry Hall -- 11
  • Lindsay Davenport -- 11 1/2
  • Kristen Johnson -- 11 1/2
  • Bridgette Wilson-Sampras -- 11 1/2

Andrea Pace, Publisher and CEO of Clear Path Publishing and author of 16 page tips ebooklet, Your Feet Make You Unique: Tips For Women Who Wear Size 10 and Up.


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