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McDreamy Shoes For Women With Large Size Feet


McDreamy Shoes.

Ok, so I made that up.

Dr. Shephard on Grey's Anatomy isn't the only one who can coin the phrase McDreamy. A fellow shoe lover and reader of this blog let me in on a site that stock the shoes of your dreams in sizes 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15...

Visit DreamShoesonline.

Let us know about your favorite online shoe store. I'm all about providing practical useful information for every woman and teenage girl who wears large size shoes.

Andrea M. Pace proudly wears a size 11 shoe. Author of the 16pg. ebooklet, Your Feet Make You Unique: Tips For Women Who Wear Size 10 and Up. To Purchase Your Copy Right Now! Click Here

20 Brand Name Shoes Available In Size 11

Sometimes you don’t know you need something until you find out that you do.
I discovered, on a trip to New York, it would be beneficial to know which brand name shoes were available in my size. This bit of knowledge would alleviate a whole lot of disappointment and frustration.

Because I really want to help women with large size feet, I’ve written Your Feet Make You Unique: Tips For Women Who Wear Size 10 And Up.In this bite-sized ebooklet, you’ll find practical tips and other useful information you can use immediately. You can even take the information with you.

Here are just a few brand name shoes available in size 11. You should definitely email this to a friend and while you’re at it, pick a copy of “Your Feet Make You Unique: Tips For Women Who Wear Size 10 And Up.

Charles By David
Donald J. Pliner
J. Renee

Dress Shoes
Enzo Angiolini
Stuart Weitzman
Taryn Rose

Casual Shoes
Moda Spana

Anne Klein New York
Jessica Bennet
Sesto Meucci

Pick up your Free Ultimate Plus-size Shoe Guide at Your Feet Make You Unique.

Shoe Size And A Stressed Out Teenager


Shopping for shoes can be stressful, particulary if you're a teenage girl. On any given day, you can find a teenage girl bemoaning the fact that her feet are huge and she can't find cute shoes.

I remember shopping for shoes in my earlier days. If I didn't see a female sales clerk, I'd stroll through the store and stroll right out the door. I was simply too embarrassed to ask a man for a GIGANTIC pair of size 11 shoes.

Here's an interesting Q&A article:

Excerpted from The Daily Record in the UK

Q. I HAVE never heard of anyone with my problem. It is my feet - they keep growing.I am a size 11 but they are still getting bigger. I measure them practically every day and I feel paranoid.It's not only the size, but the fact that finding shoes which fit is getting harder and harder.

I am a normal teenager and I want to wear fashionable shoes, but all I can buy are trainers - and soon it'll only be boys' trainers.

A. YOU'RE right. I had a trawl around a few shoe shops thinking you were exaggerating but you're not.They don't realise that girls are a lot taller - so have larger feet - than they did a generation back.

Log on to where you'll find a selection of shoes up to size 14.

Andrea Pace is the author of 16pg, ebooklet; Your Feet Make You Unique: Tips For Women Who Wear Size 10 And Up. Purchase Your Downloadable Copy Now at http://www.unique-feet.blogspot/ . Make Sure You To Tell A Friend.

Follow These Eight Time Saving Steps When Shopping For Your Next Pair Of Shoes


I must admit when Designer Shoe Warehouse first arrived in my city, I was ecstatic. Honestly, it’s the only store I enjoying taking my time and perusing every isle. Now, If you’ve never stepped foot inside DSW, you have to find one and visit. For those of us who wear size 11 an up, it’s almost a gold-mine. Certainly, there are other stores that carry gorgeous shoes in larger sizes for instance, Nordstrom’s, Bloomingdale’s, JC Penny’s, Parisians, Payless and the list goes on…

Now back to you first-timers, you have to have a strategy to navigate through this store. If you’ve taken any type of time-management classes, you’re ability to utilize what you’ve learned will come into play.

Here are just a few tips on making the best use of your time and finding a pair of shoes made just for you.

1. Wear shoes that you can easily slip on and off.

2. As soon as you walk into the store, scan the entire store.

3. Quickly put together a game plan. Should you start in the dress shoe isles? It’s up to you.

4. Grab one of their mesh shopping bags. It makes carrying your shoes a whole lot easier.

5. I’ve found that scanning the shoe boxes to locate my size saves me time and unnecessary disappointment. You don’t get caught up in falling in love with a pair of shoes that don’t come in your size.

6. Look at shoes on both sides of the isle, it saves time.

7. Once you’ve covered one isle and have selected a couple pairs of shoes, take a second to try them on. If they don’t work, simply put them back on the shelf. No since in dashing to the next isle with shoes that you don't want.

8. Always remember to grab one of the stocking footies before trying on shoes.

Now that you have a few tips on getting the most out of your shopping experience, go hunting for your next pair of fabulous shoes.

Andrea Pace is the author of 16pg, ebooklet; Your Feet Make You Unique: Tips For Women Who Wear Size 10 And Up. Purchase Your Downloadable Copy Now at http://www.unique-feet.blogspot/ . Make Sure You To Tell A Friend To Get Her Copy Too!

How To Find The Perfect Wedding Shoe


I absolutely love weddings. I enjoyed planning every minute of my wedding down to those long pair of white comfy, low-heeled, square-toed shoes. I actually still have them. Make sure you wear shoes that will allow you to fully enjoy your wedding day.

Here are few tips to help you find the perfect fitting shoe for your special day:
  1. Choose shoes that complement your wedding dress. If you’re headed to the islands, choose a strappy sandal or a pair of beaded mules.
  2. If you wear size 11 and up, choose a round-toe shoe. They tend to make your feet look smaller.
  3. Remember you’ll be on your feet for awhile. Choose a pair of shoes that give you plenty of room and comfort.
  4. Avoid pointed toe shoes on your wedding day. You'd rather shed tears of joy instead of severe pain.
  5. Break those new shoes in a couple weeks before your wedding by walking around the house. Your feet will thank you on your wedding day.
  6. Check out,,, and for a large selection of gorgeous bridal shoes.

Visit Your Feet Make You Unique and Get Your Free Ultimate Plus-size Shoe Guide Today

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What's Hot This Fall

Remember, leggings, narrow jeans, long cashmere sweaters and ankle boots? Well, they're baaack along with last year's platforms and wedges. Go ahead. Treat yourself to a new pair of fabulous shoes. Why not?

Blay - 7178 (Camel) - Women's

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rsvp - Diana (Brown Leather) - Women's

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Gabriella Rocha - Shilpa (Brown) - Women's

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Nine West - Roadrunner (Medium Brown Suede) - Women's

Must Have Shoes

Charles by Charles David - Fab (Black Kid) - Women's

You spot them. The heel is perfect. The color is just right. You can see yourself confidently strutting your stuff on a catwalk in Milan or New York. At this very moment, you realize it’s truly a gift to be woman.

Ma’am, Ma’am! I’m sorry, this shoe only goes up to a size 9.

You purse your lips. Wrinkle your forehead. You then, slowly, tilt your head to the side and simply stare at the shoe. So many thoughts begin to race through your head. Your dream of being the next super model suddenly disappears. If only you knew beforehand that those gorgeous black pumps didn’t come in a size 11.5...I feel your pain.You're devastated.

Without a doubt, I know this little scenario has happened to you more than once. I know how it feels to see your friend try on a pair of shoes that were made just for you, but she still gets the shoes in the end because she wears a size 9.5.

So...What can we do to arm ourselves against this cruel type of disappointment? I know just the thing to make you feel better. Knowledge is power.

Ready to feel better? After you finish reading this post, immediately look over to the right hand side of this blog and click on my 16 page,downloadable e-tips booklet: Your Feet Make You Unique: Tips For Women Who Wear Size 10 and Up. Download it. Print it off and put in your purse.


Because the next time you head to your favorite shoe store, you’ll know which shoe designers to snub and which designers to befriend. You’ll know the designers of must have shoes in your size plus, you’ll feel soooo much better.

You've read every word of this sad, sad story. You're beginning to imagine yourself using our little shoe guide and enjoying all the benefits it will bring. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by ordering our e-tips booklet right now.

By the way, tell your girlfriends about Your Feet Make You Unique.

Andrea M Pace, Author of 16 page, e-tips booklet: Your Feet Make You Unique:Tips For Women Who Wear Size 10 and Up.Get Your Copy Today!

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