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No More Big Headaches For Women With Big Feet


  • Are You Tired Of These 6 Aggravating Words, "Sorry, We Don't Carry Your Size."
  • Are You Tired Of Fashion Magazines Splashed With "To Die For" Shoes That Will Never Fit Your Feet In A Million Years?

Then I know exactly how you feel.
Hi, My Name is Andrea M. Pace and I love shoes and proudly wear size 11. I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster for most of my life because of the size of my feet. I‘m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Women who can run into any shoe store and easily find and buy a pair of shoes have no idea the pain we feel.

Has this ever happened to you?

In the past, I’ve literally burst into tears on at least two separate occasions because I had the perfect pair of shoes in my hands only to find out that “9” was the largest size available. On another occasion my cousin and I visited a store in downtown Manhattan. I found the perfect pair of shoes that would complement a suit I had bought. She had to console me because they only had one pair of shoes left in my size. I didn’t have enough money and I didn’t want to ask her to cut into her spending money, but she graciously bought them for me. She’s a good cousin.

Ok, maybe I’m just too emotional or maybe I’m not.

Just like you, I want to look my best. I want to feel beautiful. There’s just something about having your hair done and a new pair of fierce pumps that make you feel like you can do anything.
You could even be the next Top Model.

Catwalk? Please! You could work it like a seasoned pro.

If you’re a woman who desires to look good from head to toe, radiate with confidence and feel like a million dollars every single day, then you should make steps towards a new way of making your life a little easier and your feet a little happier.When you feel good about yourself, it shows.

Great looking shoes… they’re the icing on the cake.

So, Are You Ready To…
  • Eliminate disappointment
  • Eliminate frustration
  • Eliminate embarrassment
  • Quickly & easily find gorgeous shoes in your size
  • Try on shoes in the privacy of your own home- no more whispers or strange looks
  • Look and feel better about the size of your feet
  • Make your girlfriends envious because “It’s all about your shoes”
  • Be more self-confident
  • Lower your stress level
  • Enjoy shopping for shoes
  • Simply enjoy being girl

Discover Brand New Help For Women Who Demand Stylish Designer Shoes In Larger Sizes

I had one of those life-changing moments standing in Macy’s shoe department. I picked up a pair of cute suede shoes. I quietly asked the sales clerk if the shoes were available in size 11. She disappeared and within minutes she repeated those 6 aggravating, disappointing, frustrating, depressing words, “Sorry, We don’t carry your size.”

The next words out of her mouth were amazing. “Ma’am, would you like to know who makes shoes in your size?” This simple, yet profound question literally changed my life.

I stood there for a minute slightly dazed. I managed to answer this angelic sales clerk. She began to throw out one designer after the other. I thought to myself, I could have avoided years and years of anguish, embarrassment and disappointment

Somehow I felt empowered by knowing the names of those wonderfully talented people who design beautiful shoes in my size. I actually felt better about the size of my feet and I wanted other women to feel better too.

That’s why I created How & Where To Shop For The Best Women’s Designer Shoes 24/7… In Sizes 11 & Up especially for YOU. I want you, your daughter, mother, niece, aunt, grandmother, cousin, best friend and coworker to feel better about the size of your feet and make your life a little easier.

How & Where To Shop For The Best Women’s Designer Shoes 24/7… In Sizes 11 & Up is like having your own personal shopping assistant. This indispensable how-to shoe guide is the ultimate source of information for women who wear sizes 11 and up. It’s stocked full of practical tips and information you can use every single day.

You’ll refer to it again and again…

You Deserve To Look Great And Feel Great Without All The Extra Stress!

Just Imagine:
  • Looking great and feeling great
  • Never having to be devastated by those 6 aggravating words
  • Getting compliment after compliment on your fabulous shoes
  • Taking your pick from several different styles of designer shoes in your closet
  • Shopping and trying on shoes in the privacy of your own home
  • Disappointment, Frustration, Anger, Stress all a thing of the past
  • Smiling because you have the secret that every full-footed woman wants and needs

If you’d rather wear that same old pair of shoes with every outfit you own than having a closet full or stylish, trendy shoes, it’s your choice! You can feel bad or you can feel better…

In Just The Time It Take You To Read My New Ebook, While sitting In your most comfortable Chair, You’ll Discover Everything You Need To Know To Find perfect fitting, stylish shoes in your size.
Because our Ebook is fully downloadable pdf file, there’s No extra cost and No Shipping and Handling. You can be on your way to looking better and feeling better in just Minutes! You don’t have to feel depressed or frustated another minute.
Buy Now! For Only $7.67
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Remember No Shipping And Handling! No Extra Cost!

Once you provide payment of just $7.67, you will be directed to where you can download your copy of How & Where To Shop For The Best Women’s Designer Shoes 24/7… In Sizes 11 & Up immediately. This e-book is a PDF and can be viewed on any computer with Adobe PDF reader with you can get for free. You can literally be on your way to a new you and fabulous looking designer shoes that fit the New You.

100% Money Back Guarantee! We are so sure you’ll love this E-book! You’ll refer to it again and again. We want you to be completely happy. If you are not completely satisfied with our ebook we’ll gladly give you a full refund.

Andrea M. Pace

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