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Are You A Skechers Fan?


I'm tickled pink! My husband just bought me my first pair of Skechers. Although my color selection was limited, I absolutely love them. DSW had 1 size 11, in olive, sitting on the shelf with my name on them.

They're extremely comfortable and they look great on my feet. I'm sure I'll buy another pair in a different style and color.If you're thinking about buying a pair, they start at $58. These sport-fusion type shoes are available in larger sizes at DSW, Burlington's, Shoe-Carnival,,

Now I have to go out and buy some weekend wear to match my new shoes!

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Andrea M. Pace proudly wears size 11 shoes!

3 Tips On Organizing Your Shoe Collection

I'm so excited! It's officially Spring! That means it's time to take inventory of every pair of shoes in your closet. If you're like me, I have a bad habit of keeping everything and I mean everything. However, I'm getting better. Here's just a few tips on organizing your massive shoe collection.

1. Schedule a Saturday or your next day off to take on this shoe sorting task.

2. You will need a marker a few boxes and a garbage bag or two.

3. Sort your shoes into the following piles: Goodwill, Keepers and Gifts For The Garbage. If you cry during this process, it's Ok. You'll feel better afterwards.

4. Once you've sorted your shoes, then as soon as you can, cart the give-way pile to Goodwill and immediately put your gifts for the garbage (yes even those must-have
you bought 3 years ago) in the garbage.

Now only your favorite girls, the
, remain. Don't you feel great? By the way that means you have plenty of room for more shoes. So... it's time to start. For goodness sakes - It's Spring!

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Are You A Compulsive Shoe Shopper?


I wouldn't say I'm no more of a shoelover than the next woman. However, there are women out there who take shopping to the next level. If you find yourself itching to leave work and make a beeline to the mall every single day, there may be a problem.

I came across an article on I think you'll find it very interesting.

Compulsive Shopping Disorder disorder: It's no joke
by Pat Curry

In June of 2006, Betty Jean Barachie of Kunkletown, Pa., was sentenced to 27 months in prison for embezzling $1.5 million over eight years from the credit union where she was a branch manager. She used the money to buy, among many, many other things, hundreds of pairs of shoes, more than 3,000 books, 58 coats, 16 chain saws and a $25,000 John Deere tractor.

A psychologist called as a witness at her trial testified that she was a compulsive shopper.

Most of the items she bought sat piled in her house unused with the price tags still on them. The psychologist said Barachie was depressed to the point of being suicidal about her inability to stop spending money.

Compulsive shopping, also known as compulsive buying disorder, can be just as addictive -- and as destructive -- as alcohol or drugs, says Dr. James Mitchell, chair of the department of neuroscience at the University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences and lead author of a study on cognitive behavior therapy for compulsive buying disorder.

It is far more complex than financial disorganization or irresponsibility. Compulsive buying disorder is a little-studied addiction that consumes the person's life.

"What we believe and have evidence for is that people have the same kind of surge in brain chemicals when they anticipate buying something as when (an alcoholic) anticipates drinking," says April Benson, a psychotherapist who specializes in compulsive shopping and the author of "I Shop, Therefore I Am: Compulsive Buying and the Search for Self." "It's the anticipation of pleasure that starts the brain rolling. You can see physical symptoms. People might sweat or their heart races."

Much more common among women than men, compulsive shopping often accompanies other mental health problems, including depression, alcoholism and eating disorders, says Mitchell. Sufferers tend to target certain items. For women, it's usually clothes or shoes; for men, it's often electronics or books. And like Barachie, sufferers tend not to use the things they buy.

"They store them, take them back or give them away," says Mitchell. One of the women he treated in group therapy bought so many baskets she had to rent a storage unit to keep all of them, "but she never spent any time with them."

The reasons for the behavior are varied, Benson says, but the essence of the problem stems from low self-esteem, insecurity and inadequacy. "There are also people who do these things because they don't know how to get what they need emotionally any other way," she says.

Are you a compulsive shopper?
Olivia Mellan is a psychotherapist who specializes in money conflict resolution. She also is a recovering compulsive shopper who ran up more than $10,000 in credit card debt buying clothes.

"The urge to shop overtook me like a tidal wave," she says. "I felt like I was being bowled over by waves."

She developed this quiz to help people determine if their love of shopping has crossed the line into compulsion. Answer "often," "sometimes," "rarely" or "never."

Click Here To Take The Quiz & Find Out More

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What Does Chicken Soup & Shoes Have In Common?


Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Theresa Peluso has written a brand new book for shoelover's who love to shop for the perfect pair of shoes.

If you're a Chicken Soup For The Soul kind of girl, you'll love their new book, Chicken Soup For The Soul: Celebrating Bargains, Boutiques and The Never-Evening Quest For The Perfect Pair Of Shoes.

If you've already read this book, let us know what you think...

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Save On Your Next Pair Of Shoes


Spring is definitely in the air. I've decided that I need a few new dresses, matching headbands and you guessed it-shoes to match! Why not look good and save some money at the same time?

Let your fingers do the shopping!!!

Click here for Sandals from!

Free Shipping @!

Save at!

Bridal Shoes

Andrea M. Pace proudly wears size 11 shoe. Get A Free Copy of Andrea's new ebook when you subscribe to receive email updates of Your Feet Make You Unique. Sign up today at

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Did You Know Target Sells.....


Did you know Target sells shoes in sizes 10 and up? I've found some great looking shoes on a shoestring budget at Target .

Here are just a few other stores that cater to women's shoes in larger sizes:

  1. Walmart

  2. TJ Maxx

  3. Marshall

  4. AJ Wright

Andrea M. Pace proudly wears size 11 shoe. Get A Free Copy of Andrea's new ebook when you subscribe to receive email updates of Your Feet Make You Unique. Sign up today at


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