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Cruise To Cozumel


I'm back from my 1st Carnvial Cruise to , Mexico. I had a great time. I even had a chance to take a tour of Cancun and enjoy the . I'm still trying to catch up on my sleep from our 12-hour drive to Mobile Alabama. So, this will be short. I took advantage of a spa treatment. I had an incredible foot and ankle massage and 2 other treatments. By the way, I took 7 pairs of shoes. Anyway, I think everyone should cruise at least once in their lifetime.

If you're interested in taking a cruise check out these Special Cruise Offers

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I'm Putting On My Traveling Shoes


I'll be taking a little break to experience some fun in the sun. I'll be cruising the western carribean on a Carnival Funship. I'm so excited. So before I leave, I thought I'd share my top list of comfortable traveling shoes. Here's my top 10 list of comfortable traveling shoes-especially if you're going to be on your feet all day shopping, hiking, sight-seeing etc..These shoe designers make plenty of styles, so you should find something that catches your fancy.

Top 10 Comfortable Shoes In Sizes 10 & Up

1. Hush Puppies

2. Clarks

3. Aerosoles

4. Born Shoes

5. Rockport

6. Easy Spirit

7. Birkenstock

8. SoftWalk

9. Ecco

10. New Balance

Spectacular "Fun Ship" Cruise Specials

See you in a week or so. In the mean time, make sure you have a pair of comfortable traveling shoes for your next trip.

Andrea M. Pace proudly wears size 11 shoes. Get your Free Ultimate Shoe Guide Today at Your Feet Make You Unique.


About Andrea Pace

Welcome to Your Feet Make You Unique- a large-size shoe blog designed for women who wear large size shoes.

My name is Andrea Pace, creator and writer of Your Feet Make You Unique. Because I proudly wears size 11 shoes, I know all too well how it feels to be frustrated, disappointed and embarrassed when it comes to finding and buying shoes in larger sizes.

Why Your Feet Make You Unique was created

I really enjoy sharing this story with anyone who will listen. It was definitely a life changing moment in my life:

In March 2006, I had the opportunity to take a weekend trip to New York to see a Broadway play. Of course, my friends and I found time for a little sight-seeing and shopping. Have you ever been to Macy’s in New York? It’s just overwhelming. After I picked my jaw off the floor, I headed straight for a gorgeous pair of strappy, light-brown sandals.

Mesmerized by this exquisite pair of shoes, I found a sales clerk and quietly asked her for a size 11. She politely took the shoe and went to the back and a couple of minutes later she came back to tell me what I already knew, “Sorry, this shoe doesn’t come in Big Foot Size.” Of course, that’s not what she said. After I worked through a few seconds of extreme disappointment, the sales lady asked me a simple, but life changing question, “Would you like to know who makes shoes in your size?” This simple, yet profound question was a definitive turning point in my life. Why hadn’t I ever thought to look up that information or even ask? Years and years of disappointment and embarrassment could have been avoided.
Somehow, I felt empowered by knowing names of designers who create beautiful shoes in my size. I actually felt better about the size of my feet. I wanted other women to feel better too.
That’s why I created, Your Feet Make You Unique. Now women can instantly shop and access information about the kind of shoes they want to wear in their size. I’ve also included practical tips, articles, shoe reviews and more...My goal is to make women feel better about the size of their feet and make their lives just a little easier.

Happy Shopping,

Andrea Pace

Online Shopping Coupons


Sponsored Post

If you're a coupon queen and discovering great bargains online makes you giddy, then I've found a site that will put a big smile on your face. I'm all about saving money and looking good. And yes, I occasionally splurge on something special, but I really try to stick to a budget when shopping for shoes, clothing, purses etc. I stumbled across an online coupon site, I'm trying my best to be a better stewart of my money and a good way to this is to use coupons. I actully take time to cut coupons out the newspaper, but very rarely use them. Well, it was one of my goals to become a better, smarter shopper by actually looking for coupons and deals online or offline before buying something.

This coupon site actually has money saving coupons for several online shoe stores and anything else you're looking for. If you like shopping at JCPenny's or you love buying goodies from your local Avon consultant, then you can save some money by using these discount coupons. Target,, Shoebuy, Payless, Bluefly and Avon are just some of the stores that are listed on I'm definitely going to use as many of their coupons as I can. I need anything to help me stay on budget when it comes to shopping.

Shoe Of The Week

Luichiny Duchess (Women's) - Black Satin

I say, "The men will pause when you walk into the room in these sexy fabulous shoes by Luichiny Duchess on sale for $63.95 at
(available in size 11)

These black satin beauties were featured in Cosmo Girl! Can't you see yourself in a pair? The perfect "date" shoe.

Andrea M. Pace proudly wears size 11 shoes. Get your Free Ultimate Shoe Guide Today at Your Feet Make You Unique.

How Do I Keep My Feet From Sliding In My High Heels

This is a common problem among women who love their high heels. For instance, I bought a pair peep-toe pumps last month. I absolutely love peep-toes, but my feet keep sliding foward. Of course, this is causing me undo pain and distress. I find myself adjusting my feet quite a bit. Plus my toes look like they're trying to escape.

Nina Fashion (Women's) - Chocolate Luster Satin

Here's a retailer that will help you alleviate your foot sliding problems:

Tip Toes by Foot Petals

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5 Tips For Feet Pain
Sale on Foot Petals

Andrea M. Pace proudly wears size 11 shoes. Get your Free Ultimate Shoe Guide Today at Your Feet Make You Unique.

How To Get On The Hollywould A" List

Here's a new one for me. You don't have to be best friends with Jennifer Anniston or Brad Pitt to get on Hollywould's "A" list. You just have to love gorgeous shoes.
I checked out a site called Fashion IQ and happily stumbled upon Hollywould. I tickled to find some styles are available in size 11. Hollywould is a retailer for the fashion diva. Their shoes are exquisite and a bit on the high end. If you're looking to treat yourself, you have to visit Hollywould

Don't these Brown Jungle Sandals just make you smile...

Regular $ 645.00 Now $ 322.50
Become a temptress of the Nile, the Hudson, or even the Seine. Exotic touches make these heels fit for hunting all kinds of prey. Brown leather with tiger ornament. 85mm stacked heel. Made in Italy

Andrea M. Pace proudly wears size 11 shoes. Get your Free Ultimate Shoe Guide Today at Your Feet Make You Unique.

High Heels Or Pumps For Job Interviews?


Unfortunately, people do judge you by your appearance. So if you're looking for a new job, make sure to update your interview outfit and shoes. Believe it or not, your skills and impressive resume isn't quite enough to land your . Your appearance can keep you out of the running. Your appearance should match the employers image of professionalism and success.

If you need a little help in becoming interview ready, here a just a few tips:

VIA SPIGA - Women's Navigate

Shoes For The Interview

  • Never wear high heels or sandals.
  • Simple black, brown or navy pumps
    are best.
  • Athletic shoes are inappropriate for a job interview.
  • Shoes should be neat and polished. The interviewer will notice your feet.

Free standard shipping at with any order.

Hosiery For The Interview

  • Always wear stockings on a job interview.
  • Leave printed, seamed or colored pantyhose in your drawer.
  • Sheer pantyhose should match your skin tone.

Sale! Hanes® Silk Reflections®: 9 pairs for $33.

Dress For Success

  • Choose a conservative suit in black, brown or navy.
  • If possible always wear a suit instead of a pantsuit.
  • Mini-skirts are completey out of the question.

Always make sure you're outfit and shoes make you look professional. Hope you get the job!

Andrea M. Pace proudly wears size 11 shoes. Get your Free Ultimate Shoe Guide Today at Your Feet Make You Unique.

New Nintendo Wii Fit:Step Pad To Healthy Living

I take my health and weight seriously. At least 3 times a week a put on mySauconyaerobic shoes and head to my exercise class. I pay nothing for my fitness class because I exercise in the comfort of my own home. Occassionally I take walks, since it's so nice. I'm sure you've heard of or maybe not. Well, they just announced a new step pad type of device that will allow you to do sit-ups and other aerobic excercises. The step pad will also calculates your weight and measures your balance. I just thought I'd share this information.

I think this Wii technology seems like a lot of fun. Plus this step pad could add some freshness to your same old workouts. It's just about getting up and moving-you know? I suppose you wouldn't even have to bother wearing shoes.

Do you have any of Nintendo's Wii games? Would love to know what you think about them? I haven't done a whole lot of research-just curious.

Andrea M. Pace proudly wears size 11 shoes. Get your Free Ultimate Shoe Guide Today at Your Feet Make You Unique.

Metallic Sandals For Summer

Looking for a little bling bling to cover your well-manicured toes? Shiny are fun and fabulous for the summer and gives any outfit a little sparkle. What's your pleasure - wedges, heels, thongs, flats, mules? I personally love heels and wedges. Here are couple silver and gold metallic sandals.You'll want these shiny shoes.

Caparros - Gable (Bronze Metallic) - Women's

Free Shipping BOTH ways on Shoes at!

Caparros - Gable (Bronze Metallic) - Women's

Sparkle Wedge

From Payless ShoeSource Shoes for Women
for only $19.99.

Sparkle Wedge

Andrea M. Pace proudly wears size 11 shoes. Get your Free Ultimate Shoe Guide Today at Your Feet Make You Unique.

Amazon Coupons & Book Deals For Shoelovers

If you truly love shoes, you love everything that has to do with shoes. If you're looking for a unique gift for your friend or siste who has plenty of Jimmy Choo's and Manolo Blahnik's in her closet,consider a book. There are several interesting books on the market about shoes.

Sure you could buy her a miniature pair of heels or a delicious pair of edible shoes, but almost anyone will appreciate a nice, hardcover book that deals with a subject they enjoy. I know I would. Shopping online can make book shopping even easier. Amazon has great coupons and deals on books about shoes.

You can also find other great online shopping coupons at stores like and

Andrea Pace proudly wears size 11 shoes. Vist Your Feet Make You Uniqe at

5 Back To School Plus-Size Shopping Websites

Summer is just about over and it's time to start checking out your teenage daughter's closet to see what she will need for this upcoming school season. If you are accustomed to shopping online, here are a few retail sites that will get you in the Back To School frame of mind: - Hot Styles for Sizes 12-26

Payless ShoeSource Shoes for Women

Buy Wide-Width Shoes at

Andrea Pace proudly wears size 11 shoes. Are you looking for shopping tips, shoe reviews and more, then visit Your Feet Make You Unique.

Correct MBT Shoe Fitting And Sizing

I want to thank Isa, a YFMYU reader, for providing this information about MBT shoes. I wrote about MBT shoes on June 19th. To refresh your memory here's the link to my that post:

Fat-burning shoes

Read Isa's information about MBT Shoes:


If you want to buy MBT shoes online, just like going to a shoe store it is very important that you are fitted correctly with the MBT. Ideally you want some room for your toes since the construction of the MBT shoe is exaggerating your toe-off movement. At the same time you want both of your feet to be securely locked into your MBT shoes. Since the function of the MBT is to enhance and smoothen transition within your entire foot-strike activity, this causes more movement (and need for precise fitting) than in most regular shoes.

If you are interested in trying MBTs, but have nowhere to go to try them on, the first challenge is to get an accurate measurement of your feet in "European Size" and always use this as your standard for fitting MBTs. For accuracy it is always best to use the sizing of the country of origin (MBT's are engineered and were developed in Switzerland).

So how can you get your correct fit if you are not able to visit a shoe store? Very simple -- outlines some very basic but excellent online MBT fitting no nonsense techniques that guarantee you will be fitted with the MBT as professionally as possible (prior to actually trying on the shoe).

Andrea Pace
Proudly Wears Size 11 Shoes.

Because I care. Because I know how you feel.You have a friend at Your Feet Make You Unique.

Beyonce Loves Wrapping Her Feet In Cashmere By Dremu

I hope you’re having a great weekend. Occasionally, on the weekends, I surf the net to find anything and everything that has to do with shoe deals, fashion beauty and new products that will smooth out my dry skin. I’m always interested in products that other people trust and recommend. I came across a site called Dremu that was featured on Oprah and in Vogue Magazine. The Cashmere lotion piqued my interested, since I have extremely dry skin. Sometimes, you like to pamper yourself with a luxurious product instead of using a jar of Vaseline.

The Cashmere hand and body lotion is Beyonce’s favorite product from Dremu. The Cashmere hand and body lotion contains emu oil that will keep even the driest skin hydrated, soft and supple. It also contains Ylang-Ylang essential oils. Since it's sandal season, keeping your feet nice and smooth is a must. Maybe that’s how Beyonce stays so shiny from head to toe.

I will add Dremu’s Cashmere hand and body lotion to my list of new products to try.

Dremu also offers a complete line of anti aging skin care products. Airbrush, Dremu’s eye cream was rated 5 stars by Oprah.This is a sponsored post.

Andrea Pace proudly wears size 11 shoes. Are you looking for shopping tips, shoe reviews and more, then visit Your Feet Make You Unique. Subcribe Today and Get A Free Gift!

After July 4th Shoe Deals

How was your? Did you catch some sales? Did you do any shoe shopping? I took the day to do a little cleaning. Later on I spent time with my family. We had the usual July 4th fare; delicious barbecue, hotdogs, potato sald and more. I hope you had a chance to relax and spend some time with your family.

Just in case you didn't get a chance to hit the shopping malls or check out my blog for some hot shopping deals, I took the liberty to make it easy for you to do a little shopping right here while you have a couple of minutes to shop by clicking the links below.

After July 4th Shoe Sales

More After Fourth of July Hot Shoe Deals

Andrea Pace proudly wears size 11 shoes. Get your FREE copy of her New Ultimate Shoe Guide, How & Where To Shop For The Best Women's Designer Shoes 24/7...In Sizes 11 & Up, when you subscribe to Your Feet Make You Unique Blog.

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