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Crocs Debut New Styles. See For Yourself..


You can't walk into a hospital without spotting a Croc or two. Crocs have even been seen swallowing the feet of children. If you scare easily, then Crocs may not be for you. If you're a fan of these ugly ducklings of the shoe world, then you'll be pleased to know has 27 new styles of arriving in September 2007 and 31 new styles arriving in October 2007 for the Croc lover.

Read Shoe Reviews at!

Crocs are available in size 10, 11, 12 and 13 in various styles.

Crocs Sassari (Women's) - White/Fuchsia

Crocs Sassari (Women's) - White/Fuchsia

Read Customer Reviews of Crocs Sassari at

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10% Off Any Purchase at

Payless Ankle Boots Have You Covered

Payless ShoeSource Shoes for Women fall boot selection has you covered. I'm really impressed with these two pairs of boots. I think I'll double check my shoe fund and add these ankle boots to my shoe collection. I can buy both pairs of boots for one price.

Michelle Low Boot
Michelle Low Boot(sizes 10, 11, 12) $24.99

Rally Low Boot
Rally Low Boot
(sizes 10, 11, 12) $34.99

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4 Easy Ways To Increase Your Shoe Budget Online


Making a little extra money while you’re a stay at home mom is a necessity for a lot of women. Maybe you need some extra cash for a new pair comfortable shoes to chase your toddler around the house or those new pair of dazzling Stuart Weitzman’s you simply must have just because you deserve them. It’s ok to treat yourself occasionally. Stay-at-home moms deserve a treat now and again.

As I’ve been learning about different ways to make money online, I’ve come across a few websites that are legitimate. You actually make money! I will only share the programs I’ve actually used. I’m assuming that you are familiar with the Internet, blogs etc. So I won’t go into a whole lot of detail.

I encourage you to research these money making sites for yourself. Some sites may be a perfect fit -others may not. Check out their forums and testimonials.

So let’s get started making some money to put in your “For Moms Only Shoe Fund!

Get Paid To Websites

Get Paid To Websites are fairly easy to use. You make money even if you don’t have your own website. You don’t even have to be a tech type person. The success of making money with these types of sites depends on how much time you have to spend on each tasks. You may be asked to take one of the following actions:

1. Complete surveys (some surveys beget more surveys)
2. Subscribe to a newsletter – your email is required
3. Refer a friend to buy a product
4. Open up a free use account on a particular website
5. Purchase a trial offer on a product or subscription (refundable most of the time)
6. Join free websites

If these types of offers sound interesting, I’d suggest you get a throwaway email address and a free private phone number instead of using your own because you will get some junk mail and sales calls. Another good tip is to always clear your cookies after using these websites and completing an offer.

Get Paid To Websites - Brief Review

CashCrate- I just signed up for this program and in 10 minutes made .65 cents by subscribing to a newsletter I was actually interested in. Maybe the amount doesn’t sound very impressive, but just think, if I had more time, how much more I could make. For now, I plan on focusing on their affiliate program to generate recurring and passive income.Start making money online with Cashcrate.

CashOnTap- This is another legitimate Get Paid To Website that has a long history of making timely payments. What appealed to me was that you get paid 3 times a month. Not bad! So again, check out their forums and testimonials to see if this will work for you. Start making money on Cashontap.

There are several more Get Paid To Websites our there. For a more detailed list visit's A Definitive List of Make Money With Get Paid To Websites.

Sponsored Blogging Websites

Sponsored Blogging Websites are yet another way to make some quick and easy money online. I have signed up with 2of these blogging networks. All I had to do was give them the web address of my blog. Simple! Of course, you have to be approved before you start blogging to make money. Once you’re approved, you will start receiving offers to write a blog post about a specific product or website. Most offers come with a nice little payment of $5 all the way up to $500 or more for your blog post.

As usual, I encourage you to do your research. Check out their Terms of Service to make sure you know what you need to know.

Sponsored Blogging Websites – Brief Review

1. .Reviewme- I signed up with Reviewme a couple of months ago. I also have 3 of my blogs listed. So far I’ve made over $21. I am very particular about the offers I accept. They have to be relevant to my audience- in this case shoelovers. Because of my niche, I don’t seem to get as many offers with Reviewme.

2. Payperpost – I signed up with Payperpost before signing up with Reviewme. Payperpost seems to have the greatest amount of offers.You can click on the Payperpost badge on my site to sign up for your own free account. I would recommend Payperpost over any other sponsored blogging sites.

It’s also one of the largest sponsored blogging networks to date. One word of caution, if you’re using adsense within in your blog post, you’ll have to decide if you can make more money with adsense or Payperpost. You can’t have both. Needless to say, I wasn’t happy that I had to make some changes, but I still like the money that you can make using Payperpost.

For a more detailed list, visit's Definitive-List-Of-Paid-Blogging-Websites.

Online Paid Surveys - Brief Review

Paid Surveys - Get paid top dollar by top Fortune 500 companies like: Ebay, Amazon, Walmart, Nike and more..It's easy to make as much as $20-$45 by taking a simple online survey. It's definitely worth it to check it out.

So, I hope this gets you excited about actually increasing your income online. Certainly there are scams out there, but at least these 4 sites that I’ve shared with you have actually made me money. Check them out for yourself and start making a few extra dollars for your next pair of shoes. Every woman needs a shoe fund!

Update: Earn $$ with WidgetBucks .Ladies here's a new way to earn extra money online for your next pair of shoes

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Women's Adidas - Online Coupon & Deals


Who hasn't owned a pair of Adidas tennis shoes? I know I've bought a pair or two in my 20 plus years (smile). If you haven't owned a pair of adidas tennis shoes, here's your opportunity. I've searched a couple of my favorite online shoe stores to locate some great deals.

If adidas is your shoe of choice, then here's an opportunity to save on your next pair.

Check out these coupons and deals!

Athletic Shoes at Zappos!
Buy your next pair of adidas with Free Shipping BOTH ways on Shoes at!
-10% Off Any Purchase at
Also get Free Shipping on your purchase of any adidas shoes.
-Save $10 off $100 or more. Code: AUGUSTSAVE at! Sale items and some brands excluded. Ends 9/5.

Famous Footwear-It's the Famous 1/2 Price Sale! Buy one pair, get the second pair of equal or lesser value for 1/2 price now at Famous Footwear.

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Ankle Boots- Fall 2007 Fashion Pick


Bouquets - Trendy (Black Suede/Black Snake Leather) - Women's

Bouquets - Trendy (Black Suede/Black Snake Leather) - Women's

Ankle boots are back for Fall 2007-2008. For those of you who wear size 13 shoes, here's a pair I really think you'll love. Can't you see these "Bouquet" boots with a long skirt or a cute pair of boot cut jeans? And they're priced reasonably-only $64.95 at

Review of UGG Boots -Are You A Big Fan?


Are you an UGG Boot lover? No, UGG doesn't stand for "ugly." Although, Uggs aren't really my cup of tea, they get honorable mention because these warm looking boots are available in larger sizes. For those of you looking for a new pair of warm, comfy, cozy boots in sizes 10-12, Ugg Boots may be just what you're looking for.

Ugg Boots are on the pricey side. But you choose for yourself.

Here is an Ugg Boot review from -

"I would highly recommend buying ANY type of Ugg shoe, but I particularly love the boots-there are fantastic! They keep your feet warm and instantly make an outfit of sweats look stylish."
Put this in your mental rolex, Ugg Boots are available in sizes 10-12.

Don't Just Bake A Cake- Make A Shoe Box Cake

For those of you who love shopping for shoes and enjoy baking cakes, you'll love this video.

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Foot Thief – Diabetes Is An Inside Job


Diabetes can sneak into your body, hold you hostage and literally snip off your feet for a keepsake. In the U.S., over 20 million americans have Diabetes and at least 54 million people over the age of 20 have pre-diabetes. This ninja-like disease has plenty of partners in crime. Complications of Diabetes are numerous and serious: Heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, blindness, nervous sytem disease, birth defects and amputations.

Diabetes is a very serious disease! Taking good care of yourself is the key to managing this disease. Stay active. Watch your weight. Make healthy food choices.
I have several members in my family who are diabetic. Of course, some have their diabetes under control and others don’t seem to be concerned. I’ve heard, “My sugar is up. I’ll get it back down by this evening.” This is dangerous and irresponsible. However, there are millions of people that effectively manage this disease.
Taking good care of yourself and your diabetes can help you feel better. It may help you avoid these foot problems:

1.Foot sores, skins ulcers infected toenails – By using
2.Dry cracked feet – by using foot creams or foot lotions, you can keep your feet smooth and supple.
3.Protecting your feet against cuts and bruies by wearing shoes and cotton or wool socks at all times. Any type of cuts or infections can take a long time to heal.
4. Your feet can swell. Make sure you have plenty of room in your shoes. Keep your feet comfortable and protect them from extreme heat or cold.

Information adapted from the National Education Program –

Diabetic Supplies & Books You Can Use

Wigwam - Diabetic Walker 6-Pair Pack (Pink) - Accessories

Free Diabetic Supplies

Great Healthy Food Diabetes

For more information about Diabetes;
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
American Diabetes Association (ADA)

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WNBA -Watch Catching's Fancy Footwork Off The Court


WNBA Fever Fans and avid shoelovers alike will be pleased to know that Tamika Catchings, the power forward for the Indiana Fever, is into making big plays on the court as well as off the court. Tamika designs her own Nike Shoes. In April of this year, Tamika had the opportunity to make her new shoes pop with a little extra color to match the Fever's uniforms. Tamika is only one of a dozen of Nike-endorsed athletes who get the opportunity to design their own pair of shoes each season.

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Hot High Heels - The Higher The Better


If you love wearing fabulous high heels, you'll enjoy this:

If money is no object, then check out Neiman Marcus 100th Anniversary Sale. Shoe Blog warns that some of the prices are not for the weak hearted. By the way Neiman Marcus has a great selection of shoes in size 11.

Looking for a site totally devoted to High Heels, then look no more. Visit High Heels Blog.

Here is another article about heels.

In the market for Hot Pleaser USA Platforms shown at the top of this post? These sizzling platforms are sure to please women who wear up to size 14.
On sale at for only $67.95

Shoe Giveaways, Contest & Other Free Stuff


Shoe Contest & Giveaways

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Win a $100 Gift Certificate at

Eastland Shoe Giveaway

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Speedlinking: About Shoes


Learning about shoes can take you places!

Going Back-to-School can be exciting or something you dread. It doesn't matter if you're heading back to high school, college or taking 1 or 2 business courses in the evening, this school year can be interesting and fun when you add shoes to the curriculm.

  • Make reading fun! Buy a couple of books about shoes . You just may learn a thing or two.

  • Learn how to ask, "How much are those shoes?" in a foreign language with Rosetta Stone Spanish (Latin America) Level 1-5 Set - Free 2-Day Shipping in the U.S.. You'll be a step ahead of your classmates.

  • Are you doing your part to take care of the environment and love shopping for shoes? Taking a few courses in earth sciences? Then learn about about a company doing their part to make enviroment-friendly shoes.


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