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Dancing With The Stars-Helio Castroneves


Did you watch Dancing With The Stars this week? I was one of the 18.3 million viewers who tuned in. I must say, I thought Helio Castroneves- the two-time winner of the Indianapolis 500 and Julianne Hough were fantastic. They made dancing look so easy. It’ made me want to break out a pair of Dance Shoes. I don't know about you, but I think Helio should win. He's a great dancer. And yes, Julianne too. But Helio...

If you dream of Dancing With the Stars, you'll need a few dance lessons and a pair of Dance Shoes. Find the perfect pair of large size Dance Shoes at Your Feet Make You Unique.

New Balance Shoes In Large Sizes

New Balance athletic shoes seem to be a popular brand. I've never owned a pair of New Balance tennis shoes, but if you've been thinking about buying a pair, then you should take a look at the New Balance - Women's 891 WC.These silver/orange lightweight running shoes are stylish - plus I'm partial to the color orange. And yes, if you wear size 13, you can happily order this shoe in your size.

New Balance - Women's 891 WCNew Balance - Women's 891 WC

Find More New Balance Shoes at

Merrell: Comfortable Shoes For Everyday Living

Merrell fans. No need to look any further. I've gathered several different styles of comfortable shoes for you to browse through. You can find and shop for your favorite pair of Merrell shoes right here. Selected styles of Merrell brand shoes are available in sizes 10,11 and 12. You'll find tennis shoes, mules, boots, walking shoes, hiking shoes, waterproof boots, climbing boots, sandals, clogs, slides and more.

Buy your next pair of Merrell shoes direct

Can't find what you're looking for here? Shop for more Merrell Styles

Payless For Your Next Pair of Mary Jane Pumps

Payless ShoeSource Shoes for Women
is taking a giant step into fashion. I am fond of the "menswear" look for Fall. Lela Rose says, "Fashion should be flattering, wearable and always retain a sense of fun." I'm impressed with her new line of shoes designed specifically for Payless ShoeSource©

You can save quite a bit of money; at the same time be the fashion setter at the office in these Finsbury Mary Jane Pumps designed by Lela Rose.
Lela Rose for Payless Finsbury Pump
Lela Rose for Payless Finsbury Pump

$25.00 (available in sizes 10, 11, 12)

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Hot Boots! You do need to RSVP

Boots, Boots, Boots

The cold weather is upon us and we have to be ready. I really need another pair of boots. To be honest, I have an gorgeous pair of high heel black boots that can easily take me through another winter or two. I really need a pair of flat boots and I would like a pair of ankle boots.These RSVP Palila boots just caught my eye. They're also available in size 13.

rsvp - Palila (Dark Brown Neo Stretch) - Women'srsvp - Palila (Dark Brown Neo Stretch) - Women's

If I can, I always like to know what other people have to say about their shoe purchases. Check out what this lady has to say about her RSVP boots. By the way she wears a size 12:

Modchik from sacramento, Moderate arch support Awesome thigh high - These boots are HOT! I am 5'10" and they come about 2" over my knee- which is a rarity for me. I am also a size 12 and they feel super comfortable. I can walk all day in these boots without hurting. The material is perfect for rainy weather as well. I am constantly getting compliments. Dress them up with a skirt that comes to the knee or if you are going to a club- a mini is in order!

I love these boots. You can buy these or other RSVP boots direct from - the Web's Most Popular Shoe Store!

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Jewelry For Shoe Lovers

Jewelry! It makes some women gasp with glee. I suppose if you love shoes just as much as you love jewelry, then we should make up a new word to describe your combined passions-Shoewlery? Ok. That's enough.

Since you probably wear a size 10 or larger, you probably wouldn't be interested in a shoe that measures 1 an 1/16th inches. But if you love jewelry, I'm sure I can charm you into these tiny 1okt yellow gold fancy cut shoe charms. has a great selection of charms, rings, necklaces and more. Try to calm yourself!

Check out these Reflect your unique personality and style with the Persona Charms Collection.. There's a cute stiletto charm.

Eva Longoria Sizzles In Christian Louboutin's At Emmy


Photo:Matthew Imaging

Red soles can only point to one fabulous shoe designer – Christian Louboutin. If you caught the 59th Primetime Emmy Awards, you would have seen, Eva Longoria, one of the glamorous stars of Desperate Housewives looking fabulous in a pair of yellow/gold Chrisitian Louboutin pumps. By the way, Christian Louboutin has a soft spot for women who wear sizes 10 and 11. Now, don’t you feel special? I do.

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Women's Footwear On Sale

Women's footwear is on sale at the following shoe retailers: Deals
10% Off Any Purchase at
Shoes up to 65% off! Deals
Free Shipping and Free Returns at

Hurry! some sales are for a limited time only!

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Plus-sizes in women's footwear

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AOL Plus-Size Online Shopping

I know that shopping for plus-size shoes and clothes can definitely be a royal pain. Shopping online can ease some of that pain. You never have to set foot in a store.

AOL posted a great article about shopping online for plus-size women.

Check out a few top searched Plus-size items listed under plus-size clothing on AOL Shopping:

Now that you have a list of plus-size retailers, you'll need to know where you can buy great plus-size shoes in wide widths and larger sizes. I wear size 11 shoes, so I recommend the plus-size shoe sites listed below:

Fitzwell - Jigsaw/Wide Calf (Choco Leather) - Women's
Fitzwell - Jigsaw/Wide Calf (Choco Leather) - Women's

Buy Wide-Width Shoes at
Wide Width Women's Shoes
Free Shipping on Naturalizer at!
Season's hottest shoes, boots, and heels at Plus Sizes
Boot Shop at

BBW - Connecting Large & Lovely Singles in the U.S. & Worldwide.

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Gifts For Book Lovers

Book Lovers

Need to find the perfect gift book? You'll find them here at
I recommend the following books:


Gifts For Spa Lovers

Spa Lovers - Give the gift of relaxtion, here at Your Feet Make You Unique.

The Spa Finder Bon Voyage Gift Basket with $100 Gift Certificate!

The Spa Finder Green Tea Time Gift Basket!

Spa Finder Gift Collection

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Jewelry Lovers

Jewelry Collectors

Find the perfect gift for the jewelry lovers here at You'll find beautiful jewelry at great prices.

Enjoy 25% off 3 items, 20% off 2 items, 15% off 1 item. Limited time offer.

Gift Certificates And Gift Cards For Any Occassion

Can’t decide what to get for family and friends? You don't want to chance another Christmas or Birthday buying gifts people really don't want or can't use. Problem solved! Gift Certificates are the perfect last minute gifts, especially for women and men who have it all. These instant gift certificates and gift cards can be sent to your recipient via e-mail or snail mail. Plus 9 times out 10, there will be no taxes or shipping charges.

Gift cards are the perfect gift for hard-to-buy-for friends and family!

I've searched the web for a great selection of gift cards and Gift Certificates those special people in your life. 

Do You Hide Shoes From Your Husband?


According to a survey Consumer Reports, most American women, on average, own about 19 pairs of shoes and 13% have hidden shoe purchases from their partners.

I know I own more than 19 pairs of shoes, but I've never had to hide my shoes from my husband. Ok, maybe the receipts, but not the shoes.

If you're a fan of the TV shopping channel, Home Shopping Network, then you're probably familiar with shoe guru Meghan Cleary. Cleary is the host of "Shoe Therapy" on the HSN. She says women's love of shoes is really nothing new. She's also the proud owner of 150 pairs of shoes.

Your Feet Make You Unique Readers Want To Hear From You! Where's Your Favorite Place To Hide Your Shoes? Take the poll below. I'll post the results later.

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10 Ways To Shop For Women's Large Size Shoes On A Tiny Budget


10 Ways to Shop Online For Women's Large Size Shoes On A Tiny Budget

As you might already know, I love shoes and proudly wear a size 11. If I could, I’d probably buy a pair of shoes every single day. Making a simple monthly budget that includes shoes and clothing along with your other expenses will make life easier. Of course, it’s easy to open your purse, pull out your credit card and charge your life away. Living life on a budget will help you get those $200 designer heels you’ve been eyeing for the last 2 months. It’s rather simple, if you have the cash, then buy the shoes! If you don’t, then don’t.

I know. It’s easier said than done, but I’m actually taking my own advice. There was a time, I’d flip out a credit card at the drop of a hat, but not these days. I’ve seen the light. So, I thought I’d pass on some tips that I’ve learned over the years from my own experiences, books, websites, finance gurus and ex-shopaholics.

I hope some of these shoe shopping tips will be helpful. Pick and choose the ones that work for you. ShopWisely!

1. Plan out a monthly budget. If you don’t sit down and spend your money on paper on purpose with a written budget that includes shoes and clothing expenses, you’ll buy those Jimmy Choos and wonder why 2 checks have bounced and your credit cards are maxed out. Need help with budgeting your money? Get Dave Ramsey’s Free Budgeting Tools.

2. Don’t go shopping when you’re bored. Studies show women who are bored exhibit more risk-taking behaviors. After the euphoria of carrying out 10 pairs of shoes from 10 different stores totaling $2000.00 wears off, then what?

3. Know exactly what you want to spend. When I go to the store, I know exactly how much I can spend because I have prepared a written budget. If the pair of boots I want are over my limit, then I’ll leave them in the store. It doesn’t mean I won’t shed a tear or two. If they’re meant for you, they’ll be there when you have the money to buy them.

4. Shoe sales. This may take a little work on your part, but doing a little comparison shopping can save you time and money. The internet has made this task simple. Now for those of you who wear large size shoes (sizes 10 and up,) you may have to do a little more research. Several websites can make your research a breeze:,,,, and more...

5. Check out online shoe stores. The one great thing about shopping online is the convenience of leisurely scrolling through sites and finding exactly what you’re looking for at the right price. Often times, sites like offer free shipping and other discounts. Shopping online saves on gas and your wallet. If you’re like me, I least want a snack after I go shopping.

6. Use them or lose them- gift certificates. Make sure to use your gift certificates before they expires. Pair your gift certificate with a sale item, the money you’ve budgeted and you’ll save big.

7. Make extra money online. A little extra money can help keep you out of trouble and fund your shoe obsession.

8. Buy in bulk when it makes sense. If you’re a woman who has large size feet, it may make sense to buy shoes in bulk. I don’t mean you have to buy 10 pairs of shoes. I simply mean if you wear a size 14 and the shoes are available in 2 different colors and/or you know this style of shoes will work with just about everything in your wardrobe. Why not buy 2 pairs? If you wait you could risk your favorite pair of shoes being out of stock.

9. Sign up for shoe giveaways. If you enjoy contests, then sign up for free shoe giveaways. Win Free Shoes

10. Check out consignment stores. Occasionally, you’ll find new or gently used designer shoes at consignment stores. Your budget will thank you.

Wedding Shoes For The Full-Footed Bride


Looking for gorgeous wedding shoes in your size? Here are just a few links that will help you find the perfect pair of shoes for your fall wedding.

Wedding Shoe Stores

How To Find The Perfect Wedding Shoes

Dyeable Shoe Tips

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Dancing With The Stars Dancing Shoes


Are you a "Dancing With The Stars" fan? To be honest, I've never been much of a dancer, but for some reason I like to watch the fancy footwork on the show when I can. I'm pretty sure at least some of the female celebrities need a pair of dancing shoes in a size 11,12 or maybe even a size 14. Do you find yourself trying to guess what size shoes the female contestants where? Ok. Maybe that's just me.

If you plan on learning ballet, rumba, salsa or if you plan on taking a tap dance class or two you'll need the proper dance shoes. You can buy your pair of dance shoes

Buy Direct at (sizes 10, 11, 12)$61.95
Capezio - Student Footlight (Tan) - Women's

Capezio - Student Footlight  (Tan) - Women's

Buy Direct at (sizes 10,11,12,13,14)$67.95
Capezio - TeleTon Xtreme Tap Shoe (Tan) - Women's

Capezio - TeleTon Xtreme Tap Shoe (Tan) - Women's

Buy Direct at (sizes 10,11,12,13,14)$37.95
Capezio - Canvas/Leather Jazz (Black) - Women's

Capezio - Canvas/Leather Jazz (Black) - Women's

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