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Cast Your Vote For The Ugliest Shoes

Since we're about 14 days away from this historic presidential election, I thought I'd keep in stride with the theme. Let's have a little fun. I really want you to cast your vote for the ugliest pair of shoes.

You can cast your vote by leaving a comment below this post. Let's just see which pair of shoes wins "Ugliest Shoes"...

              1.   Think! - Aida-81258                                             2. Privo - Beluga                                                                                       

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Nike T-Lite V Leather Shoes On Sale

Looking for a versatile shoe that combines fashion and function? Then you should slip your feet into these feet-loving Nike T-Lite V Leather shoes. They're perfect to slip on after work. This extremely comfortable walking shoe has a nylon tap on the heel for easy on and easy off. Nike T-lite V Leather shoes are on sale and are available in sizes 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12.

On sale!-$50.40

Women Who Wear Large-Size Shoes Sigh When They Hear...

How many times have you and I heard these words, “Sorry, we don’t have these shoes in your size?” Almost without fail, I‘ll see a really cute pair of shoes in a department store or boutique in every size accept size 11. And after all these years, I’ll still feel let down.

....But here’s the good news!

Women who wear large size shoes do not have to feel so defeated and left out when it comes to really cute shoes. That’s why I created Your Feet Make You Unique for women like us.

Take some time to look around, I guarantee you’ll start feeling better about the size of your feet. You’ll find online shoe retailers and designer shoes in sizes 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and up.

Take a look at these cute Donald J Pliner - Chante  shoes.

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Slingback Pumps In Black Under $60

I love slingback pumps in black because they go with just about anything in your closet and they make your legs look sexy. Take a look at these sultry  pumps by Highest Heel. If you don't mind walking in super-sexy 4" high heels, then these Fancy seductive black slingback pumps under $60 are for you. You'll definitely turn heads in these beauties.
(available in sizes 10-13)

Click this link to buy these slingbacks now!- The Highest Heel - Fancy

Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Faridah Handbag

I think most of you who regularly stop by Your Feet Make You Unique know that I wear size 11 shoes and love gorgeous footwear. The only reason I don’t talk about my other fashion passion –handbags is because this is a shoe blog about women’s large-size shoes. This Marc by Marc Jacobs - Totally Turnlock Faridah handbag  is my new obsession. I love this roomy, soft, leather handbag. I can put just about everything I need in this spacious bag.

Click this link to buy now!- Marc by Marc Jacobs - Totally Turnlock Faridah (Cranberry Field) - Bags and Luggage

What  do you think about these flats by ?

Click to buy now!- Marc by Marc Jacobs Green Costa Suede Flats

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Shop Flat Suede Boots For Fall

Shopping for flat suede boots for fall? I happen to love suede, but you know you have to be careful with suede. Here are a few cute flat suede boots you should consider. Take a look at these boots. Which pair will you buy?

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