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Your Feet Make You - Glossary of Running Shoe Terms

If you’re going to buy a pair of proper women's running shoes, you need to know the lingo. Here’s a glossary of shoe terms that will help you feel informed about running shoes.

Running Shoe Terms:

Cushioning – The ability of the shoe to absorb the impact of footstrike.

Lateral – Outer side of a shoe.

Medial – Inner side (or arch side) of a shoe

Midsole – The area of the shoe between the upper and the outsole that’s primarily responsible for the shoe’s cushioning.

Motion control – The shoes ability to limit overpronation

Outsole – The material on the bottom of running shoes

Overpronation – The inward roll of the foot before toe-off

Toebox – Front portion of a shoe’s upper.

Upper – The leather or mesh material that encloses the foot

Here’s a list of top Running Shoes for 2009

ASICS - Gel-Kayano 13 (White/Quicksilver/Periwinkle) - Footwear

ASICS - Gel-Cumulus 10 (Lightning/Black/Orange) - Footwear

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