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Best Buys For Larger Sizes In Women's Shoes For 2012

Right now is a great time to shop for shoes in larger sizes. There are great deals online and in retail stores. I've been blogging about women's plus size shoes since 2006. Since, I wear a size 11, I feel like I'm pretty qualified to speak on the subject.

 Since we've just experienced Black Friday and Cyber Monday, don't feel like the deals are gone when it comes to shoes or anything else for that matter. I'm a big fan of shopping online. Why bother with crowds and long lines when you can just shop in bed.

So, here's my Best Buys For Larger Sizes In Women's Shoes For 2012. I'm only going to list one retailer and I'm sure you've heard of it. It doesn't matter if you're looking for a size 12 pump or a size 14 pair of boots, this retailer will give you some great deals (up to 60% off) on shoes, boots and other items you may be looking for.

So, just stop by, you'll find fabulous shoes in your size, plus enjoy free shipping!

Happy Shopping!

Cyber Monday Deals And Coupons On Large Size Womens Shoes and More

Cyber Monday is happening tomorrow, Monday, November 26th. So I wanted to give you some great Cyber Monday Deals and Coupons on large size womens shoes and more. You'll find more great deals on shoes, clothing, jewelry, toys, tools, TV's, appliances and more.

Just in case you're like me, you'll be much more comfortable finishing your shopping from the comfort of your own home. I just can't handle the crowds and noise and the possibility of getting trampled. And standing in line forever just to find out that the item you're shopping for was sold as soon as the door was open.

So click here to shop  for great Cyber Monday deals on any gift Cyber Monday Deals and Coupons on any gift you can think of for Christmas from the comfort of you home.

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Ladies Large Size Shoes You Can Stand In All Day

While you're finishing up your Thanksgiving shopping, you're probably thinking about which stores you're going to hit on Black Friday. Of course, there are several stores that will open on Thanksgiving night. So, if you wear plus-size shoes, you'll need Ladies Large Size Shoes you can stand in all day!

A couple of years ago I went with my cousins to one of these all day shopping sprees. I quickly decided that crowds and store hopping is not for me. That's why I like shopping online during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

So, back to taking care of your feet. You will definitely want and need a pair of comfortable shoes you can walk in all day. These Skechers Women's Go Run Fashion Sneakers are perfect for shopping.

Shop til you drop!

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My Black Friday Womens Shoe Sale List

So, we're almost here. Black Friday is less than 9 days away. On Thursday, November 23rd the official selling frenzy begins. However, there is one giant retailer out there who is taking advantage of these final days leading up to the big shopping day after Thanksgiving. Yes, you guessed it. is having a Countdown to Black Friday Sales Event. You can find low prices and great deals everyday up until 11/23 on shoes, video games, electronics and so much more...

Learn more about great deals on Shoes, Boots and Slippers. Just look what you can save:

20% off 100 orders off Party Shoes
20% Off $80 Orders of accessories
Up to 30% off Slippers
Up to 40% Off on Boots

Do yourself a favor and check out these great deals.

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Red Womens Slippers For The Holidays In Sizes 10 And Up

Christmas is almost here and it makes me think of family, a warm thick robe and a cozy pair of red slippers. Comfort is a big part of the holidays. I wanted to share with you  this  fancy pair of red and white Acorn Ragg Time RuffleWomen's Slippers for the holidays in sizes 10 and up at Don't you love these cozy looking treats for your feet? This cute mule is adorned with a lovely velvet ribbon.

Learn more below:

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Are You Ready For Thanksgiving 2012?

Thanksgiving 2012 is coming up next Thursday? Are you ready? I love Thanksgiving! It's that time of year when family can have fun, come together and give thanks for God's blessings. Of course, it does take a little doing to pull off a fabulous dinner. There are few essential items that you'll need. I came across a few Must-have dinner prep essentials all under $40.

1. Roster Pan- Need it to cook your amazing turkey.
2. Tempered Glass Baster- Don't forget to baste your turkey.
3. Gravy Separator - Make your delicious handmade gravy.
4. Meat Thermometer - Your Turkey has to be done.
5. Serving Platter - Platter to show off your golden brown, juicy turkey.

6. Serving Utensils - Serve up your delicious dinner.

7. Storage Containers - Save those delicious leftovers.

8. Comfy Slippers - Your feet need to be pampered while you cook all day.


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Amazon - 2012 Black Friday Deals Coupons On Shoes Electronics and More

I know you can't wait until Black Friday. It's less than 16 days away. Please don't forget to check out the 2012 Black Friday deals and coupons at As online retailers go, Amazon is among the most recognizable online retailer in the world. You can keep your robe on and shop for shoes, clothes, toys, electronics, video games, Kindles, cameras and so much more for Christmas. doesn't just sell books anymore.

If you're looking for Early Black Friday Deals Amazon is starting early. You don't want miss out on great deals right now! The early Countdown sale at ends on November 18th.

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Save 20% Off Sparkling Party Pumps In Size 11


Every woman needs a little sparkle in her shoe collection. The holidays are coming up and what girl doesn't want a pair of gorgeous sparkling party pumps for 2012 party season. Enzo Angiolini Women's Showyou Pumps are available in plenty of dazzling, sparkling party colors up to size 11. At you can spend $100 and receive 20% off party shoes. Enter promo code DRESSHOL at check out.             

Learn more about these $117 Enzo Angiolini Women's Showyou Pumps

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