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3 Steps To Spring Clean Those Heels, Boots And Flats

For those of you who love organizing things, then Spring cleaning is right up your alley. Out with old and in with the new is your mantra. Of course Spring is the perfect time to assess what you have stashed in your closet.

It's the perfect time to do a little cleaning, sorting and organizing. Once you get it done, you'll feel great. You'll feel like you've accomplished something once you de-clutter your closet.

So, Here's a quick way to get you started. Pull out all of your heels, boots, flats and tennis shoes and sandals. It doesn't matter if you have them in boxes or not. You will have 3 separate piles or stacks. Now, you can't think long or you'll think wrong.

1. Keep - You will wear these shoes again. You absolutely love them.
2. Pitch - You don't like them anymore.
3. Donate - You don't know the last time you wore these shoes. Then try donating them to Good Will or a woman's shelter.

Once you get your shoe sorting done, then quickly bag up the shoes you plan to throw away and put them in the garbage can in the garage. Then put the shoes you'll donate into another dark plastic plastic bag and put them in your trunk to take to the donation site.

So, there you go. I hope this helps you get started.

Because I care. Because I know how you feel. You have a friend at Your Feet Make You Unique.


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