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Find Sandals Made In The USA Womens Sizes 10 to 14

I'm a very proud American and I love living in the good ole USA. So, it's great to find products that are made right here in the United States. I was curious to find out how many sandals are made here in our country, particularly larges size sandals. I proudly wear size 11 shoes. So, why not find out which brand of sandals are made, bought and sold right here up to size 13.

Since, it's Springtime, I thought I'd focus on sandals instead of boots or pumps or custom shoes. Maybe it's important to you to only buy shoes and any other product you can find made for and by Americans. So Here we go.

Sandals Made in the USA Up To Size 14 for women. You can buy most of these brands at some of these online retailers and  Free Shipping on all orders over $125 at New Balance!

Womens Sandals Made In The USA (Sizes 10 to 14) 

New Balance - 1 out of every 4 pair of shoes are made in Boston MA, Lawrence, MA, Norridgewock Maine, Norway Maine, Skowhegan Maine   

California Magdesians - Los Angelos California  

SAS Shoes - San Antonio Texas  

Capps Shoe Company - Located in Gretna Virgina -comfort footwear

Click picture of sandal to learn more!

This is certainly not an exhaustive list of Amercian made shoes, but it gives you an idea of brands that you may or may not have heard of who make sandals, boots, pumps, athletic shoes custom, dance shoes and more right here in the land you love - The U.S.A.


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