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Girl Graduate Grabs Great Looking Shoes For Commencement

Congratulations to high school and colleges graduates. Accolades are also in order to the female who has graduated to the next step in her journey in life. For instance marriage, having children and finding great career doing what she love.

I remember graduating from college. It was an exciting day, surrounded by family and friends. I remember choosing something lightweight and cool to wear. Of course, I had to make sure that my feet were going to hold up for the long ceremony. Check on some cute comfy styles at

I also, had to make sure that the shoes I wore on graduation day were cute -- that’s what people would see. My outfit would be hidden under my gown. Oh and if you choose sandals, don’t forget to polish those toes. 

Ok, so let’s consider some cute footwear for you. Wedges are a great choice. They can be a little on the dressy side. If you're a heel  kind of girl, I'd go with a lower heel (2-3 inches).

Don't you just love these BC Footwear - Prepare For Landing (Yellow Suede)  Wedges? Available in size 11.

BC Footwear - Prepare For Landing (Yellow Suede) - Footwear

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas and the Smellcome to Manhood Commercial

Although it’s kind of quirky, I love the old spice commercials where the mothers are crying and singing about their sons becoming men. It’s actually hilarious. I’m not sure if it’s boosting sales or not, but it is catchy. In some strange way, it makes me think of Mother’s Day. I am blessed to still have my amazing mother still with me. She’s actually in better shape that I am.  Plus, we have a wonderful relationship. So, if you’re blessed to still have your mother, grandmother or just a mother figure around, count yourself blessed.
What do you plan to do for her big day? My mother loves gorgeous flowers and she loves to eat. So, that’s what she will get. You still have time to buy her a gift or plan something grand. Just click on the link below and you’ll find all kinds of great gift ideas for your dear mum.  According to what you buy (shoes, handbag, flowers etc.), she can even receive it by Mothers day. Not bad for some us procrastinators.

Oh and Happy Mother’s Day to Amazing Moms everywhere!
Proverbs 31: 10-31


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