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Where Can I Buy Size 11 Womens Shoes For My Sister?

Actually my sister is in denial of her shoe size. For years she's been trying to cram her clearly size 11 feet into a size 10. It just doesn't work. Plus 3 years ago she had her first child. If she wasn't a true size 11 prior to the of my niece - she is now.

Some women would look at size 10 and size 11 as pretty much the same size. But for those of us who have crossed into the land of "Large sizes," we know their is a big difference. So, back to my sister. She does look for size elevens now. She's finally with the program.

So, if you're looking for a few places online to shop for shoes eleven and up, then here are a few great websites to visit.

Shop Zappos Shoes

Stuart Weitzman Outing (Black Calf) High Heels

Speaking of Sisters, there is an awesome new show called "Sisters-The Webseries." It's about 4 sisters and how their live intertwine. You should check it out. Plus, my song Phenonmenal Woman is featured in episode 2. You can even purchase the song on Itunes and Amazon.

Be Blessed!
Happy Shoe Shopping!

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