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Buy Bestselling Brown Cola Colored Boots In Womens Large Sizes 11 And Up

Yes, as far as I'm concerned winter is here. So, boots are on your mind and you know that you need a pair. A very popular color for boots, behind black, is brown or chocolate. There are so many styles and brands to choose from. Of course, the selection gets smaller the higher you go up in size. If you wear a size 11 like I do, then your choices are better today than couple of years ago.

I'll share one of my favorite places to buy boots in larger sizes. 

One of my favorite places to shop for boots and shoes in my size is where you can get Free Shipping BOTH ways for the Holidays! That's always big during this time of the year!

Don't you love these cola colored Stuart Weitzman 5050 (Cola Nappa) Women's Pull-on Boots?
Stuart Weitzman 5050 (Cola Nappa) Women's Pull-on BootsLove these chocolate colored pull-on boots, but they're a just a bit out of your price range? Then click Check out our Boot Boutique! to shop for more brown, cola, caramel, chocolate, mocha colored boots at

5 Warning Signs Your Shoes Are Sabotoging Your Success


As SEO Min Hyun once said,”For women, shoes are the most important. Good shoes take you good places.” This is so true. Take a look at your feet right now. What do you see? Do your shoes scream “Success” or “I’ve given up?"

Here are some ideas to get you started:

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  1. Stop with the flip-flops. – So maybe your office allows “Casual Fridays.” Unless, you work for Google, I would not be caught in flip-flops. Even if your feet are perfectly manicured. The answer is “No.” It says that you really don’t care about how you look. You’re don’t necessarily care about boundaries. And you don’t care if you get a raise or not.
  2. Dusty, Dusty, Dingy Shoes – Take a good look at your black heels. Do you just role out of bed and stick your feet in them? Make sure you take time to polish them or simply wipe them off. You want to put your best foot forward.
  3. The Squeaky Shoe Is Simply Annoying -  Just get them fixed. Take them to the shoe repair store or drop them in the trash. Nobody wants to hear your horrible shoe music all day long. Work can be stressful enough.
  4. Fix The Flap – The bottom of shoes are no longer glued to your shoe. You try to intentionally walk a certain way or hide your feet in a meeting. Either buy some shoe glue, head to the shoe repair man or you guessed it – buy another pair of shoes. You’ll feel better about yourself.
  5. Too Tall Heels – I love heels. I love the way they elongate my legs. However, I don’t like to wear heels that are ridiculously too high or flashy especially for the office. Why barely scoot around the office all day because you can’t really walk in them or walk bent over so that you’re close to the ground when finally hit the floor? Simply buy a stylish sensible, power heel for the office that says,”CEO.”
Some of these warning signs are kind of funny, but they have a hint of truth in them. Take time to reevaluate your shoe closet. Find out what you can keep and the shoes you need to get rid of.

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Are BEARPAW Emma Short Boots Still The Best Choice To Buy?

I've been blogging about Bearpaw boots for a couple of years now. For one thing, they look just as good as the popular UGG Australia boots for women. It looks like we're going to have another tough winter, so it's a good time to start thinking about warm, cozy footwear.

There are several reasons why BEARPAW Women's Emma Short Boots are must-haves.

1. Best Prices on stylish boots
2. Available in larger women sizes 10, 11 and 12 (we love that!)
3. Super warm and cozy for cold months
4. Great for women with thick calves
5. Perfect to wear with jeans, skirts
6. Incredibly comfortable (sheepskin and wool blend lining)
7. They look amazing.
8. Available in several colors
9.They're cute
10. You'll keep more money in your pocket.

Learn more by clicking on the boot below:

This short 8" Emma Short Boot is part of "The Classic Collection." You'll just love them because they are stylish, plus you're going to save money. Why buy the other pair when these look just as good or better. And because you save money on 1 pair, maybe you will splurge and buy another pair.

Not only will these Bearpaw boots make you smile and keep your toes toasty, but you can put a smile on someone else's face by presenting them as a gift.

So, go ahead and grab your pair of BEARPAW Women's Emma Short Boot today.


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