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Oscar Worthy Heels For Women Who Wear Size 11 and Up

The Oscars is all the rage at the moment. Can you imagine being invited to Oscars? What designer would you wear? What about your shoes? What type of heels? If you wear size 11 like I do, then here is a pair of  Oscar worthy GIAMBATTISTA GiambattistaVALLI Sandals - Item 44728537 that will make you look and feel like a superstar ready to walk the red carpet to receive your award. Purchase price $650 at

UGG Boots A Must Have To Help Brace For Biting Cold

Oh My Goodness!! It's COLD! It's so cold in my part of the country. If it's the same in your part of the world. I was wrapped up from head to toe when I left the house this morning. If I didn't have to leave my warm, cozy house, I wouldn't have. The biting cold just got me thinking, I need some warmer boots than the simple mid-heel ankle boots I donned this morning. I need a pair of super warm, cozy UGG boots

Unfortunately, the weather is not going to get any warmer for the next couple of of days. Don't you wish, you could just hibernate during the winter time. Particulary if you live in the mid-west. Oh well, maybe I should go ahead and break down and buy myself a pair of Uggs.

UGG Women's Classic Short Boot

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