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My Giant Life Talks Size 11 to Size 14 Women's Shoes

Have you had a chance to watch My Giant Life? It's about 4 women ages 17 to 36 who are 6 feet 6  inches to 6"9 inches tall. I happened to catch the show purely by accident. These women wear sizes 11, 13 and 14. So, if you're struggling and feel like you're all by yourself, when it comes to your height or the size of your feet, then check out this show.

Although, I'm nowhere near 6 feet, I can understand what it feels like to go shoe shopping only to be told they don't carry my big size. As I've said, in the past, I proudly wear size 11 shoes.

You definitely have to watch this show. If you have a teenage daughter who is struggling with her height or shoe size and simply navigating through life, then I think this may be a helpful show.

The show is on TLC on Tuesdays 10/9 central time.

Looking for some large size shoe stores, then click on these shoe stores that carry larger women's sizes:

Long Tall Sally
Long Tall Sally US 

Wide Width Women's Shoes at

Don't forget the ever popular You'll find cute shoes in your size there too.

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